Black Beret Life Sciences, LLC

About BBLS

At Black Beret Life Sciences, LLC (BBLS), our goal is to enhance patient outcomes through the accelerated generation and development of novel therapies, while at the same time bringing enhanced ROI to our investors. We focus on approaches that target regenerative medicine, anti-aging, immune cell therapy, and diabetes treatment.  We also aim to extend healthy living so people can age gracefully and live well longer. With smart capital and expert knowledge sharing, BBLS transforms science and medical innovations into breakthrough products.

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A multi-disciplinary team of world class scientists, medical experts, and innovators is a core strength of BBLS. We work in partnership with management at each portfolio company to add value and assist in developing and maintaining a strategic vision in order to minimize costs, align goals and cultures, and maximize probability of success and return.

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Advisory Council

The advisory team at BBLS and its individual companies are part of the network of leaders in science, medicine, marketing, media and technology which provides counsel and connectivity to the BBLS portfolio of companies.

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