Black Beret Life Sciences, LLC

Ed Bosarge

CEO & Founder

A passionate believer in the power of regenerative medicine to treat disease and to promote a longer, healthier life, W. E. "Ed" Bosarge has launched and supported a wide variety of research and development efforts. Dr. Bosarge founded Black Beret Life Sciences LLC to invest in game-changing biotechnology innovations. Since 2014, Black Beret Life Sciences has funded research for treatments based on regenerative medicine for cancer, diabetes, neurodegeneration, osteoarthritis, and other conditions related to aging.

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Eric Schaeffer

Chief Strategy Officer

Eric Schaeffer is General Counsel to and serves on the Board of Managers of Black Beret Life Sciences, LLC. He also currently serves as President and General Counsel of Capital Technologies, Inc., and the Bosarge Family Office. Prior to joining the Bosarge Family Office in 2010, Mr. Schaeffer’s extensive business law practice included the areas of corporate and partnership law, mergers and acquisitions, real estate transactions, financing transactions, licensing transactions, and a myriad of other business transactions.

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Steven J. Greco, Ph.D.

Chief Science Officer

With nearly two decades of work in stem cell biology, regenerative and translational medicine, Dr. Greco serves as Chief Science Officer for Okyanos Innovation Labs and BBLS. Dr. Greco also oversees Rejenevie, an immune restoration therapy based on the science of parabiosis. An author on more than 55 research publications, Dr. Greco directs translational scientific research at Okyanos Innovation labs and first in man therapies such as Rejenevie.

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Kenneth J. Klein

Chief Financial Officer

Kenneth J. Klein has more than 30 years of experience in financial accounting & reporting, analysis, management, auditing and human resources. His career has been focused primarily in the health care, construction and financial services industries. As Chief Financial Officer of Black Beret Life Sciences, he is responsible for the financial management of its portfolio of life sciences companies.

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Lori Butterfield

Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

Lori Butterfield is a highly creative communications and marketing executive who brings a wealth of digital production expertise to her role at BBLS. She combines high level strategy with a hands-on approach to enhance the vision, mission and reputation of the BBLS portfolio of companies. Throughout her career, Lori has been drawn to working in companies and industries with a strong sense of purpose and a commitment to excellence.

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Christina Giese

Chief Human Resources Officer

Christina Giese serves as Chief Human Resources Officer for Black Beret Life Sciences, LLC and Capital Technologies, Inc., (Bosarge Family Office). As an HR professional, Christina has worked with large and small organizations in various stages of their business cycles.

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