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Okyanos Center for Regenerative Medicine is a world-class treatment facility in Freeport, Bahamas providing outstanding clinical care using advanced technology and the latest stem cell applications. Okyanos offers patients treatment for chronic cardiac, neurologic, and orthopedic conditions using autologous adipose-derived stem cells with oversight and guidance from some of the world’s leading cell therapy researchers and medical professionals.

Okyanos was built and is operated in accordance with the high standards of the National Stem Cell Ethics Committee (NSCEC), which regulates stem cell treatments in the Bahamas. This oversight affords a level of integrity and transparency uncommon in stem cell clinics. Okyanos is proud to have been the first cell therapy facility to receive approval from the NSCEC and began treating patients in 2014.

At Okyanos, world renowned, highly trained and specialized physicians perform adult stem cell procedures in our state-of-the art surgery center and cardiac cath lab. We harvest adult stem cells from your own body fat and isolate the stem cells from the extracted fat tissue through cutting edge cell processing technology. The stem cells are then implanted or re-injected through IV infusion depending on the specific treatment plan. Stem cells have the ability to decrease inflammation, repair or replace injured tissue, help improve cell-to-cell communication and stimulate new blood vessel growth for better blood flow to the affected areas.  By using your body’s own natural repair mechanisms, it is possible to improve health and live well longer.

Our highly trained medical team provides a cross-disciplinary approach, only treating patients likely to benefit from our advanced stem cell treatments. All patients at Okyanos are offered the opportunity and encouraged to enroll in an US based institutional review board (IRB) approved protocol so we can obtain clinically meaningful follow-up data on the effects of their treatment with the help of an independent third-party contract research organization.

Through the intersection of groundbreaking therapies and stringent clinical follow-up, Okyanos aims to bring new treatment options derived from rigorous science to patients with chronic diseases who have often exhausted all other options.