Black Beret Life Sciences, LLC


Rejenevie™ is an early stage biotechnology company founded in 2012 with a focus on developing cellular therapeutics to treat age-related diseases and rejuvenate the function of the aging immune system. Rejenevie™ is an anti-aging strategy to help patients live well longer.

Rejuvenation of aged tissue is nothing new. It has been known for decades that parabiosis, the sewing of a young animal to an older animal such as a young mouse to an old mouse, results in the development of a common blood supply. In a short period of time, the old mouse takes on features of the young mouse. Their immune system becomes more active, their stem cell repair systems become more active, and there’s no evidence of adverse effects.

At Rejenevie™, we're focusing on restoring the hematopoietic system. What we’ve done is extend the science, taking young human cells and co-culturing or bathing them in a stem cell ‘secretome’ that produces tiny “communication vesicles” (paracrine soluble factors) that interact with surrounding (stem) cells.

What researchers at Rejenevie™ have learned is that these exosomes deliver micro RNAs (MRNAs) that change the gene expression in the recipient cell of multiple different genes. A handful of these micro RNAs are actually the active agent of the young cell and the old cell.

By implementing the Rejenevie™ anti-aging platform on top of the Tissue Genesis derived stromal vascular fraction, we can offer the ability to take a patient’s adipose tissue, treat them with the young stem cells now, then redeliver those to the patient, and ultimately restore a more youthful endogenous stem cell system and a more robust immune system.