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Sola is about extending wellness and living well. Sola is a blend of all-natural sweeteners that offers the same function as sugar when combined, but without the adverse effects of sugar that are often linked to high insulin levels. Where a lot of sugar substitutes have failed before, Sola tastes exactly like sugar, but with 75% fewer calories and 0 grams net carbs.

Americans eat an excessive amount of sugar each day. The constant intake and addiction has caused a multitude of issues, including obesity and Type 2 diabetes. These chronic conditions have led to additional problems and illnesses, including heart disease, arthritis, and cancer.

Sola was developed by Ryan Turner back in 2012. As an experience private chef from the UK, Ryan was seeking a better alternative to the artificial sweeteners on the market because they lacked the great taste and cooking consistency needed for his low carb meals and desserts.  Instead of creating a sugar substitute in the lab, Ryan met the challenge by working in his kitchen. Over two years, he worked with ingredients found only in nature to develop the perfect combination that sweetens, measures and bakes like ordinary sugar.

Once the product was created, the company turned to clinical researchers to conduct a series of studies confirming Sola’s use as a healthy alternative.  The studies showed that Sola successfully suppresses the body’s insulin response and avoids the negative side effects of sugar. It can also lower the glycemic index for many foods and reduce the rate of glucose absorption in the body.

For people who suffer from diabetes, Sola is both a safe and delicious alternative. For those who want to decrease their sugar intake, Sola delivers great taste and an easier way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.