Our Strategy

Black Beret Life Sciences, LLC


This is an exciting time. At BBLS, we are committed to accelerating the development and clinical introduction of cutting edge medical therapies and delivering ROI through science-led innovation from lab to clinic. We believe advancing life sciences should be more than developing a breakthrough therapeutic or trying to treat patients with the latest medical innovation but should include developing novel knowledge. Beyond novel therapeutics, we’re developing novel knowledge. Throughout the BBLS portfolio of companies, strategic priorities include strengthening our early-stage pipeline through novel science and technology. BBLS’s methods are grounded in a rigorous pursuit of scientific excellence with early clinical application based on clinical excellence and need.  Our hallmarks are integrity and transparency through collaboration with expert clinicians and third party Contract Research Organizations (CROs) that track both the portfolio companies’ research level data and clinical results.

Utilizing our multidisciplinary management team, our strategy is to streamline our business platforms and simplify the operating models to enhance efficiencies and lower costs, improve decision-making and shorten timelines, and react quickly to market forces to enhance success and returns. As BBLS grows, we are expanding our expertise to assist in the management of all of the portfolio companies in order to transform the business, align goals and cultures, and maximize success.