Regenerative Strategy

Black Beret Life Sciences, LLC


BBLS has developed a vertically integrated regenerative medicine platform from lab to clinic, backed by a world-class team with both broad and deep knowledge in biology, clinical disease, and therapeutic delivery systems.  Under this platform, BBLS can leverage the management and accelerate the development of our portfolio companies to deliver valuable and safe medical advances to patients and maximize the success for our investors.

Stem cell based regenerative therapies are an ideal treatment paradigm for a vertically integrated platform utilizing standalone treatment centers.  The therapeutics under development offer the opportunity to prevent and treat multiple diseases and chronic conditions including: osteoarthritis, heart failure, Parkinson’s disease, erectile dysfunction and autoimmune disease. These treatments can be used as an adjunct to surgical therapies and enhance outcomes by hastening healing and decreasing scar formation.  Others in the stem cell and regenerative medicine fields have heightened risks and limited resources due to the singularity of their approach. We believe this has created a large unmet medical need to better serve patients through the integration and combination of multiple approaches combined with careful and complete clinical follow-up.

BBLS continues to identify novel therapeutics that can benefit from and become part of this vertically integrated platform. Beyond access to capital, the platform provides

  • the ability to generate 3rd party research and clinical data to accelerate development
  • expert knowledge and team members across disciplines in life sciences development and research, technology, marketing and finance from around the globe and
  • accelerated development opportunities via our collaboration with medical regulatory agencies in the Bahamas and throughout the world, and
  • access to Icellator™ (Tissue Genesis) and the Okyanos clinic for safe, validated development and deployment processes for their therapeutics.

BBLS’s vertically integrated regenerative platform is a timely and compelling business opportunity, allowing the generation of commercial and clinical revenue in parallel with accelerating the creation of significant independent value in each of the therapeutic portfolio companies.